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Is it just me or does the inventory of superyacht toys seem to be getting increasingly varied and exotic? This summer everywhere I looked there seemed to be some new toy skimming across the water. I myself prefer a sedate snorkel, but for those who have a need for speed or the thrill of power, then a toy box full of the latest gadgets is a must. Here are the top toys no bonafide thrill-seeker should be without.

Submersibles are all the rage for exploration yachts (and yes, my favourite yacht of the moment the 74-metre Legend does have one). With depth capabilities of up to 300-metres, two passengers and a pilot can stay submerged for up to 12 hours exploring the underwater world.


If a full submarine is not on the cards then why not try the latest semi-submersibles from Seabreacher. Sit inside the sealed cockpit of a whale, shark or dolphin shaped vehicle and flip, dive, jump and roll through the waves. With top speeds of 35mph your captain might just need to use the AIS tracking device on board.


The latest Quadrofoils fly above the waves at a top speed of 21 knots and are great for exploring shallow and protected bays. Not for the fainthearted.

Electric surfboards & wakeboards

Want to look like a pro surfer without having to do the hard work? I myself have spent many a holiday at surf school (my classmates being, well lets just say more than half my age), only to suffer the humiliating wipe-outs and sandy wetsuits. Next time I’ll be catching those waves on board the latest power boards. Fast, agile and lightweight, you can reach speeds of up to 30mph when riding the waves, and the best part is you don’t have to check the surf at 5am as they don’t rely on waves.

Amphibious Jeep

Capable of speeds of up to 45mph on the water and on land, the Quadski Amphibious Vehicle is the latest in a line of amphibians. Equally agile on land and water, a simple touch of a switch allows for a quick and easy transition from land to sea ad vice versa.

Obviously the ‘toy box’ really depends on the yacht and the cruising area, as it does for many of the water sports activities on offer. Many motorised water toys cannot be used in several cruising grounds as maritime authorities throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and further afield have become more stringent over their use, and Personal Water Craft are only allowed in authorized areas, if at all. A number of yachts are RYA Training Centres and can offer PW Safety Certificates on board to guests or crew after appropriate training.

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