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Monday, April 2, 2018

Since time unknown humans have been exploring the planet, crossing oceans and chasing rivers. Where do you head for long periods of downtime when you have time to travel for rest and recuperation? Other than a weekend spa retreat (which involved water, although in the form of a manmade pool), I can’t remember the last break I had that wasn’t close to the water. Blue spaces are the most popular spots for holidays. Pick up a travel magazine and inevitably water will be gracing the cover. From waterways to coastlines, hot and cold destinations with oceans and rivers attract people from far and wide, and there is a reason for this. Scientific research has proven that being near water makes us happier, so the next time you feel blue head to the sea and your spirits will be lifted. 


Relax in Lady Britt’s Finnish sauna before indulging in a massage with a qualified Elemis therapist in the wellness area. Available to charter for up to 12 guests from €445,000 per week in the Mediterranean this summer. Contact Edmiston


According to marine biologist Wallace Nichols, author of Blue Mind, who has spent the past 25 years studying relationships to water, the physical and psychological benefits of water are restorative. Fresh sea air was prescribed as a cure for all sorts of illnesses in the Victorian era, and now research proves that those doctors were right. In fact, studies show that people who live near the coast are generally healthier and happier. 

The 77.4m (253’) Legend has plenty of space to accommodate all manner of luxurious facilities. From her 16-person superyacht spa pool with waterfall out on deck to her Balinese themed spa (pictured above) with sauna, Jacuzzi and beauty salon on the lower deck, she is a haven of floating luxury.


So next time you are asked why you love to be on the water, and how it makes you feel, you can articulate its positive effects on your senses. From the soothing sounds of lapping waves to the smell of fresh ocean air, the uninterrupted views, and the physical sense of water on our skin, being on the ocean provides a sense of calm. Add to that the sunshine that the majority of cruising grounds are blessed with, and you will leave feeling elated, especially if you are on board a superyacht. The freedom they provide, and the immeasurable sense of peace that we feel when surrounded by water, brings with it even more endorphins. The freedom they provide, and the immeasurable sense of peace that we feel when surrounded by water, brings with it even more endorphins.



Featuring a sauna, hammam, massage room and beauty salon, along with a gymnasium that connects to the outdoor swimming pool (that’s a pool… not a Jacuzzi), the 85.1m (279’2) Solandge (pictured above) offers everything you could possibly need to unwind. At 81-metres, her prices start from €1,000,000 per week in the Mediterranean for up to 12 guests. Contact Moran Yachts.

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