April 2, 2018

Since time unknown humans have been exploring the planet, crossing oceans and chasing rivers. Where do you head for long periods of downtime when you have time to travel for rest and recuperation? Other than a weekend spa retreat (which involved water, although in the form of a manmade pool), I can’t remember the last break I had that wasn’t close to the water. Blue spaces are the most popular spots for holidays. Pick up a travel magazine and inevitably water w...

February 26, 2018

I was listening to a podcast this morning (an interview with Em and Lou from the fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blog A Style Album) and one thing that resonated with me was that they were fed up with having to sift through so much information just to find out where to go when on holiday or travelling to a new city. After 17 years of writing about every cruising ground there is, it made me think about repetition; the same copy that is written over and ove...

January 21, 2018

Is it shocking to say out loud that we all like to have things that others admire? Is it wrong to feel pleasure and pride when a friend or colleague compliments you on your choice of car, shoes, house, or interior décor? Don’t we all crave the admiration, grudging or not, of our peer group? To some extent this is what yacht ownership is partly about. The club of yacht owners is infinitely more exclusive than the club of yacht charterers, and there’s nothing tha...

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